Royal Sound Bar Hits the Market

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In that spirit, we decided to check out a product that just hit the Nigerian market. It’s a product that could change your perspective on the use of smart gadgets at home and even in the office.

Introducing the new Sound Bar by Royal Electronics!

Okay! You might ask, “How can a sound bar change anything?”

“Oh! But wait and see” would be my candid response.

You might still be wondering what the fuss is all about the Royal Sound Bar and how it can possibly beat the regular home theater that we all know. Well, take a look at the facts below.

First, the design. It’s simple yet sleek. Rectangular but not bulky; lightweight and easy to carry; it can hang on a TV wall or sit on your TV shelf. And the best part, it doesn’t eat up space!

Next, let’s take a look at its functionality, The Royal Sound Bar will amplify and resonate your audio from any smart gadget. I mean any gadget! From your TV set, iPod, iPad, Laptop to a smart phone, a Royal Sound Bar will enhance and fulfill your need for good sound! We’re talking about pure Sound Power of 160W RSM or 1,600W PMPO. It’s like literally bringing the cinema to your home!

So for those of you who'd always dreamed of having a smart looking living room without compromising on sound – here’s your answer! Get a Royal Sound Bar.


It comes in options of either sub-woofers or built-in Sound Bars.

Improving on its predecessors in the game, the Royal Sound Bar comes with a smart remote control, has multiple connect options including Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and AUX control.

Most important of all, it is a premium product that is actually affordable.

So, if you’re a sound enthusiast, or you enjoy having good sound around, go for it.

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